Welcome to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance’s Staff Resources Page, your source for information about policy, resources, training, and benefits available to you, our valued Joint Committee employees and family members.

  • Visit Fiscal Office and Payroll for easy access to forms and documents that Joint Committee employees frequently use (e.g., W-4, Reimbursement Request, Travel Expense form)
  • Visit Training to access training resources for Joint Committee employees.
  • Visit Inventory and Asset Protection for commonly used inventory forms and policy documents.
  • Visit Policy Documents for current policies and procedures in effect for Joint Committee. (e.g., Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook, Safety Loss and Control Manual)
  • Visit COVID-19 Policy and Procedures for information regarding how the Joint Committee is operating through the pandemic.
  • Visit Benefits for information on benefits for you and your immediate family members (e.g., healthcare, life insurance, and retirement plans)
  • Visit Mandatory Employment Notices for information regarding laws, rules, and regulations that apply to your employment with the Joint Committee.

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